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Common Queries and Questions

Do you teach Online?

I can. 
I don't have any set sessions or classes that run online at the moment but feel free to reach out via Instagram, email, or the contact form and we can organise something!

Where do you teach?

I teach in Canberra (Australia) because that is where I live!
I am teaching at a number of different studios across the city - mostly on the eastern side - and I am always happy to work out time for a workshop or one off session at another studio if they want me. That includes any of the disciplines I teach.

Does aerial hoop hurt?

I could lie and say no - but that would be pointless. 
An aerial hoop (or lyra, hoop, etc) is made of metal. It is not comfortable to sit on and manipulate your body around a slender metal rod. It does get more tolerable.

How do I get my splits?

Front, square, middle, box...
Whatever kind of split you are looking for, consistency, safe training, and time are your best friends. I can definitely help people get their splits but I will never promise it will be a quick process. Like any unnatural skill, it takes time to do it safely.

Do you do events?

I do. If you want to chat about me performing at and event, or running some kind of event for a corporate function or party (think a private circus class, flexibility/mobility class for your corporate buddies, or a performance at an event) just hit me up! Email, DM, or the contact form on this website.

Do you teach silks?

I do. 
Hoop is my favourite apparatus but I have a repertoire of silks skills I can teach too.

I’d love to hear from you. Got a question that's not up above? Flick me a message! Let me know!

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