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I'm moving to Scotland! FAQs

Part I

This is (hopefully, if I remember) going to be the start of a little series of posts about my move to the other side of the world - the realities, how I feel about it, the fun bits, and the challenges.


When am I going? My flight leaves in the last week of January 2024. The cats are following along approximatey 2-3 weeks afterwards (yes, we are taking the cats. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, it is worth it to us)

Why am I going? Because I want to pursue my career eventually in forensics and Australia has given me NOTHING. I have a Bachelors, and Honours, and a Masters and have been turned down for jobs for which I thought I was qualified many many times and now wish to move somewhere where my desired career path is a possibility.

Am I excited? Well... yes, but no. I hate change. And don't get me wrong, I know change is necessary blah blah blah but I pathologically, neurologically, hate change. And moving to another country, potentially never seeing dear friends again, potentially seeing family members for the very last time, committing to an entirely new chapter in my life, is extremely stressful. Not even a new chapter, this is like Tara's life, book 2. It's terrifying.

Will I still teach aerials and handbalancing and all the upside down stuff? Yes. I hope to still teach in person eventually, as I get settled in and my equipment (my beloved Doopy and Droopy and Danger Noodle) arrives. Where I am moving does seem to have a number of studios and spaces in which circus arts take place, so that is very exciting. I also intend to continue to support my Australian students and maybe expand that student base even by venturing into the world of Patreon and online instruction. I will not be teaching hoop etc there initially (as that requires a space and equipment I don't initially have) but handbalancing, flexibility, mobility, and strength and conditioning will all be available. There may be a tier that turns into something of a support space for instructors and coaches. And there will be a discord associated with all of that.

Wait, you're bringing the cats? My cats are only 7-8 years old and I could not fathom leaving them behind. Would this whole trip by three times easier if I didn't have them or if I was able to leave them behind? Yes. Could I comprehend leaving them behind? No.

Do you have burning questions? Flick me a comment below, or a message (here or on Instagram) and I will try to keep updating this post to keep you informed if you are interested. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me!

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